The market analysis shows that rappers were the most watched artists on-demand the previous year. They occupy the Top 5 of the most popular artists and together control over 2% of this segment. Eminem is one of those five.

analysed numbers provided by MRC Data to demonstrate that over 1 billion on-demand video streams gained by YoungBoy NBA this year correlate with 0.74% of his share of the video streaming market. It is less than he had before (0.94% in 2020) but still much more than Drake’s 0.5%. Juice WRLD is ranked third with a 0.46% share, and Eminem is only slightly behind him. Marshall’s 0.45% share makes puts him at No.4 of the artists with the most on-demand video streams in the U.S. in 2021. Doja Cat is at No.5 with a 0.43% share.