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Mr. Porter told about "This Corner" song recording for the Eminem’s soundtrack album "Southpaw"

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Mr. Porter: It’s rare I get to do songs over other producers beats and this one is super special because it was the first time I did a solo song over my brother Eminem beat. I didn’t really know this was coming my way, I was working on a lot of songs for myself and just getting feed back on a direction. He gave me this Beat and I instantly went in the studio with Marvin Wonder & NxtLevelMastering and came up with this song, I had the pleasure of seeing the movie before it came out so I knew the story line. I had worked on score for other movies Musically “waist deep” which I co scored for Vondie Curtis-Hall “Fast 5”, “Shark tales” as well but this was different, it was actually my first solo release this way via a movie platform. The mistake people make I see a lot is they lose their excitement for doing what they love. This had me excited to first prove I could do it, to Paul Rosenberg and Eminem. They are like a family bar I’m always trying to catch the ear of, but also to fans that only hear the D12 side of me. And though I have a lot to do still and a lot of music to release this one is super special to me and I am still excited about people hearing other sides of me musically. Thank you to all y’all who support me and root for me and always have.

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