A story from the set of 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” video shoot sheds light on a different side of Eminem.

According to The Game, who was present at the shoot, Suge Knight, embroiled in a heated beef with Dr. Dre at the time, arrived with a group of associates. Tony Yayo, a member of G-Unit, previously mentioned Eminem’s readiness to face down Suge and his soldiers. The Game confirmed this story, having added his own take on the situation:

[Eminem] should have been ready to go. Em’s not a gangsta rapper. He’s Em. He’s the MC, he’s non-confrontational, he’s not for a beef. He ain’t walking around with the strap ready to up it and pop some shit. But he’s from Detroit. He’s from Detroit, from 8 Mile. So, of course, Em was ready to go. But Dre wasn’t having it. Jimmy Iovine was on set too, Jimmy wasn’t having it. We are talking about Eminem. It wasn’t in anybody’s best interest for Em to even get into it.

Though not known for violence, Eminem’s upbringing in Detroit’s tough 8 Mile neighbourhood instilled in him a sense of how to handle confrontation. While not seeking conflict, he was prepared to stand with Dr. Dre, his mentor and friend.

This incident highlights Eminem’s unwavering loyalty despite his non-confrontational nature. He may not be a “gangsta rapper”, but his Detroit roots instilled in him the courage to stand his ground when defending those close to him.

Watch the video below:

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