Eminem at Fury vs Ngannou gala dinner in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Eminem at Fury vs Ngannou gala dinner in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

A streamer who has gained popularity for making gay jokes around rappers is ready to pay Eminem for coming to his stream.

This story is all over hip hop media now, proving that his dunk dive for a new piece of clout has paid off. Adin Ross used to be a mediocre game streamer known mainly through his friendship with James LeBron’s son and his ability to bet serious for a teenager money on video games.

He changed his tactics in 2020, inviting some rappers to his streams and provoking others on social media to milk any modicum of attention they would accidentally give him. His signature type of humour is based on making gay jokes and then backtracking to emphasise that he’s not gay. This type of “no homo” joke was passable in the unscrupulous gamers community some time ago. However, it is astounding that it still works now for wider audiences on bigger platforms.

The Complex magazine published an article about him a couple of years ago, trying to figure out how Adin’s business worked. It started with a sentence “Who the hell is Adin Ross?”. Many Eminem fans asked the same question the other day when they saw the multiple headlines of his ridiculous proposition to Marshall.

And, of course, there is no chance in hell that it will ever happen. A school bully promising Em a month’s worth of lunch money might have stronger prospects than this one. But it doesn’t matter. A kid from Twitch has already achieved his goal – he made it to the headlines, and he will reap the benefits of attention.

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