by Danny Hastings

We continue to celebrate the 20th anniversary of The Slim Shady LP. Marshall announced the release of the second drop of the SSLP20 anniversary capsule, which will be available early next week.

On Tuesday, November 19, the second part of the SSLP20 capsule comes out, which means we have the opportunity to become happy owners of the merchandise autographed by Marshall, you can already get first access on the Eminem’s website.

Also, a description of the first product of the anniversary capsule appeared:

“This product features originally unused and unreleased film strips from Danny Hastings’ original shoot for The Slim Shady LP album cover. The film strip photos were printed on HDR dye-sublimated metal and are encased in a clear, acrylic box. Only 99 units are for sale, each one with a Certificate Of Authenticity autographed by Eminem encased in the shadowbox”.

Judging by the post on Instagram, the second part of the anniversary capsule will contain Lego figures of Slim Shady (a possible collaboration with Lego), a cassette, an extended edition of the album on CD.

Descriptions of these products will coming soon on the Eminem website.