Eminem Treats Fans With Spaghetti In His New Mom's Spaghetti Diner

Eminem remains the second most-followed rapper on Spotify, the sixth across all genres.

In June this year, Em marked the milestone of 45 million followers. It took him just half a year to round this number up to 50 million.

Em is also one of the highest gainers in followers, certainly the highest in hip hop. This week he added 246,396 new users to his following. XXXTentacion with 210,894 new followers and Juice WRLD with 154,146, are placed two and three slots below him in this ranking. Drake, who expanded his following this week by 210,251 new users, had smaller daily gains than any of them, 26,203, so he sits at No.19. And these four are the only hip hop artists in the Top 20 of high gainers this week.

Overall, Marshall’s position among most followed Spotify artists is reliably consistent. He usually comfortably sits at the sixth place, the artist who started his career way before the streaming era and has not lost his presence surrounded by new buzzing names.

Most followed artists on Spotify:

1. Ed Sheeran — 88,961,926
2. Ariana Grande — 72,721,391
3. Drake — 59,248,411
4. Justin Bieber — 53,832,708
5. Billie Eilish — 53,433,413
6. Eminem — 50,036,330
7. Taylor Swift — 46,427,739
8. Rihanna — 46,080,484
9. BTS — 42,440,873
10. Bad Bunny — 40,497,118

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