Lord Jamar is “not trying to beef with black man [Royce] over the white man [Eminem]“ This is racism...

Eminem and Lord Jamar have sent messages of peace and respect to each other with Royce’s help.

Slaughterhouse MC advocates for open discussions and putting all beefs behind in the interest of unity. He walks as he talks, and the massive feud between Lord Jamar, Eminem and himself is one of the wars that he just terminated.

Royce recently called the hip hop community to question the impact of Vlad TV on the state of affairs in the game. The Detroit rapper called out Vlad on profiting from the culture and on seeding negativity to benefit from the tension. One of the most examples of this is an infamous Lord Jamar’s crusade against Eminem. Lord Jamar denied Eminem the place in the house of hip hop, disregard his legacy and so on, all of it with enthusiastic support from Vlad.

Being a fast friend of Eminem, Royce has never shied away from defending him and it led to his own fights with a legendary Black Nubian.

Royce’s call for moving away from Vlad, whose disrespect to the leader of the Nation of Islam Louis Farrakhan was the last straw for the Black community, was heard by many, including Lord Jamar. Lord Jamar, who recently launched his own podcast, spent the first episode discussing this unfortunate affiliation.

Now, he had Royce da 5’9” and they were both friendly and respectful. Having left behind all bad blood. Even more so, saying his goodbyes, Lord Jamar sent his regards to Eminem and declared that war is over. Royce was happy to hear that and, apparently, had a similar message from Marshall. Jamar started with:

For the record, now that all this Vlad shit is done, tell your boy Marshall, you know, we good.

A huge smile lit up Royce’s face:

He’ll like to hear that. Remember, I was telling you last we spoke, he told me to tell you “Whaddup”.

Eminem also had a message for Jamar’s co-host Rah Digga, one of rap’s most prominent women MCs and a longtime member of Busta Rhymes’s Flipmode Squad, and Royce continued:

But he especially told me to tell the Queen “Whaddup”. He said, “Yeah, man, tell him I said I’m off that, man”. And he was also like, “Yo, you’re going to go see Rah?! Tell her “Whaddup”! He’s like a little kid, man. Same little kid from back when.

Watch the video of this historic moment below:

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