It’s been a while since somebody reminded the public about Nick Cannon. But Royce was asked to give his insights into this situation and he did not avoid the question.

T.I. Harris called Eminem and Nick Cannon “the two most unlikely adversaries ever” and wondered “why this shit won’t just go away”. It does not seem like Royce can explain the whole situation, because Nick Cannon’s motives are a mystery for him but for Eminem, he vouches, this is not an issue:

I know Em came out on the Fat Joe record and mentioned Nick. I don’t know if he thought Nick would take it this personal. ‘Cause I know Nick came on your podcast and it was the same song and dance, he was gonna beat Marshall’s ass and all that. He flew to Detroit looking for Marshall to beat his ass, all this malarkey. We just find it interesting in Detroit if people just assume they can whoop somebody’s ass just because that person is a big star. Or just ‘cause you took a couple of boxing lessons. Like somebody else can’t crack you. It’s just… it’s funny. But nothing personal, no big deal.

Only, it is a big deal and Nick Cannon keeps making even a bigger deal out of it. This is another thing T.I. does not understand. He thinks that as neither Cannon nor Eminem has a relationship with Mariah at the moment, it should not be a sensitive topic anymore, the beef should die with that particular relationship. Royce, however, thinks that it is about deeper things:

I think it’s a respect thing. I think, in order for it to truly go away if Nick really feels that disrespected by, maybe they should talk. It ain’t personal, you not beating nobody’s ass. That’s what I feel about. I feel like if it doesn’t get addressed it’ll just go away. ‘Cause it’s not an issue. Marshall is not sitting and tripping over about it.

This is exactly the approach you would expect from Royce, who believes in open conversations and working out problems. And it seems like he believes in better in people too. Meanwhile, Nick Cannon openly admitted earlier, that for him this is just a possibility to attract attention and make more money. This issue, however non-existent, is not going away, Nick is going to keep milking it as long as possible.

Watch the conversation below: