Check out Eminem and Paul Rosenberg's cameo at the X-Men Hellfire Gala

Eminem was one of the top requested by the players to get included in the game, and Paul saw the platform’s potential.

Variety published a scoop on how Epic Games and Eminem’s management came to the agreement and integrated Slim Shady into the gameplay.

According to Eminem’s longtime manager, Paul Rosenberg, it was he who made the first move and reached out to the game publisher. Paul revealed that he started taking in-game music events seriously after the resounding success of Travis Scott’s collaboration with Fortnite in 2020. He told the Variety reporter: “I started to really pay close attention to it and saw the massive platform that’s inside and the power that it had over fans and players and gamers”.

So, having discussed the idea with partners at Interscope, Em’s management got in touch with Epic Games to inquire about potential opportunities. It appeared that interest was mutual, says Paul: “The Epic Games folks came back and said, ‘This is incredible that you’re getting in touch with us, because he is one of the top people requested from our players all the time’”.

Paul also says that he and Eminem worked closely with the game publisher on every aspect of the collaboration, “from the “Rap Boy” skin inspired by “Without Me” to the hilarious “Mom’s Spaghetti” back bling”.

The result is out now, and while not everybody can appreciate the collaboration, its popularity is undeniable. On the day of the Eminem Fortnite concert, the game servers could not cope with the number of users queueing for the show, which has become the biggest event in the gaming industry.

Watch Eminem Fortnite performance below:

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