The tale of a rap phoenix - Revival. Antoher review from Eminem.Pro

Check out another point of view from Eminem.Pro editor Ekaterina Malik.

Guess who’s back? No one is, actually. I wouldn’t call it a comeback, I’d say it’s more like a rebirth. A new person has emerged. Stop comparing, stop arguing, give yourself a chance to listen and actually hear what this new person has to say. Which is a lot.

Mister Mathers has woke up to a world he doesn’t like, probably with a personality he doesn’t like much too. And Revival is his way to deal with it. Eminem has always been open and honest about everything in his life, he never censored his emotions, he threw his anger, fury, and hurt at us. At anyone who would listen. Public loved it. Isn’t it fun to watch someone’s agony?

But this new person isn’t burning in hell himself created. He actually can control his feelings much better, he can apologize to his closest people, he understands where he was wrong, he said goodbye to anger. He had learned to live with himself, and even more-he had opened his eyes to what’s around him. And he speaks about it. He is awake, and trying to make others wake up too. He is no longer crazy angry clown, say hello to a grown up man with political position, for whom it is painful to watch what his beloved country is going through.

Which is no-fun. I’ll tell you one thing: growing up is not fun. Taking responsibility is not fun. Taking a stand is hard. And dealing with nowadays politics is even harder. So people are not satisfied with today’s Eminem. He lost it, they say. His flow is not like it has been. He doesn’t entertain us with his pain no more. It all maybe true. But I think today he can do much more to us than entertain, he can make us think, feel.

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His lyrics are wiser, bitter and sharper than they ever have been. He is not afraid to show his vulnerability and weakness. He talks about uncomfortable subjects. And yes, he is nostalgic, you can see his younger self poppin here and there. He is growing up. He is healing. You can’t judge it. No one can. You can relate to that, hear your own emotions resonate to his lyrics, or you can just not listen.

He is talented, he is damaged, but he’s coping with all that the only way he has ever known. To me Revival is a form of art, it asks questions, and you have to find the answers. This time Em’s art is more complex, so you got to think more. Maybe it’s weaker in terms of beats and flow, but it’s deeper, wiser in content.

This album was advertised like a medicine. Well, maybe it is Eminem’s therapy. This pill is not easy to swallow, so people want crazy damaged fun Slim Shady back. He was cool. It was easier. And this new Eminem – he is not fun, he’s too old. But music if a form of Art, you don’t judge a painting by only the number of colors used, so don’t judge a rapper by his tempo or beat only. Yes, those are important parts of music. But when did means become more important than the goal. And the goal is a thought that might appear in your head after listening, an emotion in your heart, a compassion and empathy in your soul. Those goals Eminem can still achieve.

I can’t rate Revival, because it’s strange for me to rate someone’s life, but I suggest you listen carefully to each song and try to hear a person behind those words. It’s worth your time.

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