Nasaan confirmed future collabo with Eminem

The young Detroit rapper came up with a hilarious plea to mark Eminem’s Hall of Fame nomination: “my uncle raps or whatever, goes by the name ‘Eminem’”.

Yesterday, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame revealed the 2022 nominees list, and hip hop fans were glad to see Eminem among many other artists whose contribution to music was acknowledged by the institution.

Looks like Nasaan is one of those who is happy to see Marshall on the list. He left a message celebrating this achievement with style and humour:

hey guys! my uncle raps or whatever, goes by the name “Eminem” he’s pretty good too. He’s been nominated for this thingy thing award. If you could be so kind to cast him a vote it’d be awesome, we’d really appreciate it

Nasaan has never shied away from admitting how important Eminem’s influence is for him. Watch Saan’s recent music video to appreciate the path the young rapper is carving for himself:

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