Marshall’s hit, the most streamed song of the 2000s and the best selling hip hop single by a solo artist of all time, has earned a new milestone of 1.9 billion streams on the platform.

Written on the set of “8 Mile”, this song has become bigger than the biggest hip hop movie of all time, it has become an inspirational anthem, a magic pill of confidence for people from different generations and different walks of life. From the president of America to a star athlete to a kid fighting cancer — the list of people who find strength in Em’s song is endless. And together they and you and us have brought the number of plays of “Lose Yourself” to this record high.

We celebrated the song’s previous milestone of 1.8 billion streams three months ago. There is a chance that “Lose Yourself” can hit a 2 billion mark by the end of the year. If not — than January is a safe bet for this remarkable achievement to happen.

Listen to Eminem — “Lose Yourself” on the “8 Mile” OST below:

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