A young rapper transitioning to mainstream culture opened up on the influence that shaped him.

“What’s Poppin” star made one of those celebrity GQ videos, going online to answer fan’s questions. One of those questions, sent to the world in 2018, mused on the sincerity of Jack and used Eminem as a benchmark, as an example of an artist who takes hip hop culture seriously.

Harlow was very serious about the culture and Eminem both:

Hell of a question, true to the culture. I grew up listening to Eminem, I idolized Eminem, BIG influence of mine growing up. I mean he’s so dope but also, I remember when I was 10 or 11 I would wear like a toboggan/hoodie/headphones around my neck cause I wanted to feel like him.

I definitely had an Eminem phase of feeling like, wow, just that Caucasian connection, ya know? It’s strong.

It is safe to say that while Jack does not dress like a stan anymore, he still holds Eminem right up in his Top 5 favourite rappers, as he admitted recently.

Watch the video below:

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