Despite an outstanding performance, “Houdini” is blocked from No.1 by a fatal lack of radio plays.

Looking at the numbers that allowed Marshall’s lead single from “The Death of Slim Shady” to top the Billboard Global chart, some could expect that the US ranking would be safely tacked in Em’s back pocket. However, there is an important metric in play when calculating the US national charts, and it is a song radio presence. This is precisely what the song didn’t have and why it could not clear the competition on its way to the top.

Everything else is there, in spades. Whatever column you look in, Em’s performance is marked as leading. Total units — 368,000, more than 40,000 over the Post Malone & Morgan Wallen joint that stays at No.1 this week. Streams — 48 million, the best result on the chart, again. Sales! Where to start… “Houdini” sold 49,000 units in its first week. It is not just the best result on the chart. It is more than all other artists from the Top 5 managed to sell this week combined. Only two other tracks sold over 20,000 units in the same week.

But all of this is not enough to be considered the most successful track of the week. Airwaves’ mysterious but well-controlled power decides who will be crowned best. In this department, Eminem’s numbers are tragic. “Houdini” has only 4 million radio plays this week. It is about 17 times less than the best result on the chart. The US audience received a Teddy Swims song 71.3 million times over one week. People streamed his song four times less than that. But it was enough to bring him into the Top 10.

Yes, we might celebrate the pure power of Eminem’s talent and musicality, which organically guaranteed him this achievement to No.2 — only because people actively looked for and listened to his music. But it is difficult not to be bitter, knowing that “Houdini” is THAT good. However, it still has not received enough recognition from the industry.

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