Ez Mil, a rising rapper signed to Shady Records, shared some interesting details about Eminem’s album listening party and Marshall’s relationship with younger artists.

The newest Shady signee talked about his experience attending a private listening session for Eminem’s upcoming project during an interview with Joey Franchize. From Ez Mil’s description, it sounds like an intense experience he’s still processing:

That was a day in the stu. Reviewing a lot of things. I’m still trying to… debrief on the situation. How do they call it in Call of Duty when you get back from the war zone? So, still trying to debrief. I wish I could replay this situation, re-listen to the conversations and everything again. But I can’t.

📸 Ez Mil, The Alchemist, Mr. Porter, Eminem, Dr. Dre and Royce 5.9 📌New Eminem's Album Listening Party | 3-21-24 At Dr. Dre‘s House
📸 Ez Mil, The Alchemist, Mr. Porter, Eminem, Dr. Dre and Royce 5.9 📌New
Eminem’s Album Listening Party | 3-21-24 At Dr. Dre‘s House

Ez Mil also revealed that Eminem himself recommended a collaboration between him and A Boogie wit da Hoodie on the “Up Down” remix. Apparently, Em was impressed with Ez Mil’s track “Up Down” and wanted to see it reach a wider audience with a fresh twist. A Boogie’s melodic style was seen as a perfect fit. When asked how the joint came about, Ez Mil explained:

Actually, through the Shady camp and with the grace of Sir Eminem, he recommended. When he heard “Up Down” he just loved the record. He messed with it so much. He wanted to give it a different taste. He wanted to see it again in the eyes of the people but with a different sound. One of the people he thought of was A Boogie. Because, and I agree, with records like “Drowning”, he has a different knack for that melody when it comes to rap. When he said that at first before it happened, I was like, hell, yeah.

This collaboration highlights Eminem’s awareness of the current music scene. Ez Mil even commented on how Em balances staying true to his own sound with keeping an ear on what’s hot today. So, while some might think Em lives in a “bubble”, it seems he’s actively engaged with the evolving rap landscape. The very fact that Eminem signed a young Filipino artist to his label says a lot, admits Ez:

I’m still surprised that he hit on me. He is really tapped in. He makes sure he keeps his ear out to what people are messing with today. It’s a mixture of both: having your bubble of what you really mess with, what you grew up messing with as a kid, and also keeping a keen ear for what the public is messing with. I feel like he is a little bit in his bubble but also keeps his ear out.

Finally, Ez Mil got tight-lipped when asked about future projects, hinting at something exciting he can’t reveal yet:

I can’t say nothing!

Could it be more collaborations with Shady Records artists or some big stars outside of the close circle? Stay tuned, things are about to get interesting!

Watch the video below:

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