Marshall’s last moment endorsement tipped the balance in favour of a Democratic presidential candidate in Eminem’s home state.

While Donald Trump called for support from a rapper whose name he could not memorise, Biden was consistently endorsed by many megastars, with Eminem and Beyoncé throwing their weight behind him the day before the election.

Marshall broke his rule about preventing political campaigns from using his music in Biden’s favour and released a powerful message encouraging to vote for Democrats that was carried on the legendary beat of “Lose Yourself”.

That event captured the attention of people and media globally and, arguably, helped to snatch some last-minute votes in the country. We should not also write off the fact that for months Eminem has been campaigning to encourage electoral participation and increase gun control in the US.

Joe Biden won Michigan back from republicans with a 50,3% vote in the state, the result Donald Trump is going to contest legally.

Social media was quick to attribute this victory to Eminem’s participation.

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