It seems like Eminem has taken up a mission of keeping veteran rappers in the game.

It all transpired from an innocent Twitter exchange where a fan encouraged Crook to release the third instalment to his “Good vs Evil” series.

KXNG dropped the first “Good vs Evil” album in 2016 and the second album was quick to follow in 2017. However, the third one, Crook says, is reserved for a special moment:

GVE3 will be my retirement album. Gotta go out with a BANG

To be fair, Crook absolutely did not say that he would retire any time soon, but even this remark was enough to alarm his followers. And they immediately decided to appeal to higher powers, namely Eminem. Drawing upon Em’s recent success with bringing Fat Joe out of retirement, Crook’s followers hope that Marshall can talk some sense into the Slaughterhouse MC and keep him around for longer.

Apparently, they did not have to ask, as this conversation had already happened and Eminem had voiced his disagreement. Crook admits:

Haha I already talked to him about it… Didn’t seem to agree with my plan ha

Good. All these conversations on longevity in hip hop and young generations coming and going highlight the importance of experienced and consistent rappers who can maintain the level of quality that the game needs.

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