Latest NASAAN’s freestyle left hip hop fans excited and, it seems, pleased Eminem himself.

NASAAN is the son of Proof, Eminem’s best friend and long-time collaborator whose life was tragically cut short in 2006. With genes like that and being surrounded and supported by father’s friends, no wonder that NASAAN feels at home in the Detroit hip hop scene and makes music both original and innovative.

Royce da 5’9 called NASAAN’s freestyle the most creative he has ever seen on On The Radar and second of all:

By far, the most creative I’ve seen .. I haven’t seen everything out there so Y’all let me know in the comment section.. Name y’all top 3 most creative on camera freestyle performances… When @joebudden interrupted the whole room to burn down @djgreenlantern on @siriusxm and then walked out.. That’s like number one for me ☝🏿 @nasaan @ontheradarradio Number ✌🏿… Who y’all got? 🫵🏿

Eminem, whose persona NASAAN used as a benchmark in his lyrics, didn’t make any public statements but sent the young rapper words of encouragement. And NASAAN feels grateful and inspired. He shared his emotions on the social media account:

wish i could show yall the text unc @Eminem sent about this freestyle. i love you dude wtf 🥲 but thank you all-in-all

Watch The Nasaan “On The Radar” Freestyle (DETROIT EDITION)

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