‘I would love to stand beside him… on a stance like that,’ Cee Lo said on ‘RapFix Live.’

If Cee Lo had his way, Goodie Mob’s long anticipated reunion LP would not only feature himself with Big Gipp, Khujo and T-Mo back together for the first time, but it would include Eminem as well.

Goodie’s Age Against the Machine will hit stores on August 27 and the group tried to get Slim Shady on a track called “White Power,” but it didn’t pan out.


“It had gotten out to the press and I just thought that it made a bold statement so I thought that Eminem would easily jump at the controversy being that I heard he had been gearing up to do a new record and getting ready to get back out and fight,” Cee Lo said when he and the Mob appeared on “RapFix Live” on 7aug.

During a Los Angeles press conference in June to promote the LP, Cee Lo described the track as “a black perspective on white power” and felt that Em would be able to add moving rhymes. “I would love to stand beside him on a sentiment, on a stance like that and just as a fan of his, I just wanted to hear him spit crazy on this particular track,” he said. “It sounds really unorthodox; it didn’t sound like anything I had ever heard him rhyme on before.”

Despite the Mob’s efforts, Em decided not to appear on the song for unspecified reasons. Cee Lo says there are absolutely no hard feelings and the love and respect is still there. Regardless, “White Power” will still appear on Age Against the Machine. “I was just as a fan, really anticipating what he could do it. I don’t know for whatever reason we weren’t able to do it,” he said. “I would’ve really liked to see it happen, but it did make the record though.”


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