Hints pointing at something big coming out this Friday keep piling up.

Producers who work with Eminem dropped some cryptic messages referring to either him or Alfred Hitchcock, and sometimes not cryptically at all just posted an unreleased Eminem’s album among their year projects. Leaked photos, leaked or faked tracklists circulate all over the Internet and stans can barely contain their excitement.

Among all of this Cardi B posts on her Twitter account:

I got something very exciting to share with ya tomorrow

She off the bat dismissed the theory that it would be her new single and that’s about all that she was willing to elaborate. Again, it would not be that important for Eminem fandom if not for the perfect timing when everybody anticipates a drop from him, and the sudden Page Kennedy appearance who came to this thread to leave an enigmatic message:

So about that feat…….

Kennedy was very smug recently, having been introduced to some mysterious unreleased collaboration between Eminem and Dr. Dre and other top-secret tracks. And this week he started dropping more hints, nudging Eminem to do something and asking if it’s time.

So there is no wonder that Eminem fans flocked into this thread repeatedly asking whether she meant a joint with Eminem. Although, not all of them were happy about this prospect. That’s alright, not everybody was happy about his joint with Nicki Minaj. But who can resist the energy of “Majesty” now?

Listen to Eminem performing “Majesty” live in Abu Dhabi last year:

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