Eminem ft. 50 Cent - Pure power on stage in desert 🐐 (Multicam, Updated version)
Pure power on stage in desert 🐐

Even if it feels like 50 Cent is entirely focused on his TV empire, Eminem still makes him push the pen.

Fifty revealed how deeply impressed and moved he was by Eminem’s verse on the recent joint with Nas “EPMD2”. Answering the question about what is the one thing that continues to inspire him to make music, 50 Cent told People in 10 that his old friend has this power over him:

When Em does that stands out to me, that is special. Like he just had a performance on Nas’s recent album that made me want to record again. Because of my connection to it, and he sounded so good on the record. Now I’m gonna write something. I’m gonna sit down and write something, so I feel like I’m still in it. It forced me back into the writers’ room, to go to the studio and record something.

Fifty also added later that Marshall could not be motivated by greed. His creativity is ignited by other sources:

Em is a different animal. You can’t move him with money.

Meanwhile, friendship and creative competition might be just right as incentives for Eminem to get onto the zone. A host asked Fifty directly:

If you texted him right now and said, “Hey, let’s do another song collaboration”, he would say yes?

50 Cent took a second to weigh his answer and answer confidently:


It’s been a while since 50 Cent and Eminem last collaboration. They met on Ed Sheeran’s “Remember the Name”, released in July 2019. Do you think it is time for Fifty and Marshall to hit the studio together?