Legendary Shade45’s DJ Whoo Kid had a brief conversation with Flavor Flav, discussing Eminem’s place among hip hop legends.

The radio host considered how to organise a meeting between two Hall of Famers, Flavor Flav and Eminem, when the Public Enemy MC gave Em high praise:

Eminem is my favourite rapper. And not only that, he still shouts Flavor Flav out in his records.

DJ Whoo Kid, no doubt, prompted by the recent onslaught of Benzino’s hateful statements and disses, noted how often those who disagree with Em’s status colourise him and bring his race into discussing his rap achievements. Flavor Flav agrees that it is annoying because, in his opinion, skin colour has nothing to do with talent:

I don’t care how they’re trying to colour my man. It don’t stop him from being No.1. That’s all I’ve got to say. And being No.1 don’t have no colour. Word up. Eminem, man, he’s the best rapper alive right now, man! Can’t nobody beat him out. When you can’t been beat that means you are the best.

Noticing that this statement came from a member of one of the most controversial groups, Public Enemy, who were against every white person out there back in the days, DJ Whoo Kid burst into laughter. But Flavor Flav has his reasons to feel respect for Marshall, he says:

Let me tell you something. Back in the day, when Eminem, Snoop, Dre, they had this group together, this was the first time Eminem ever seen me. When he seen me, he went asolutely crazy! I didn’t know who he was at that time. I gave him mad love, man. He went crazy over me, and I gave mad love.

DJ Whoo Kid agreed and added that “every time Eminem sees Redman, LL Cool, or Nas he goes crazy. Because he’s a fan of real hip hop”. But the respect is mutual, points Flavor Flav:

Because a lot of those guys are like mentors to Em, but then Em is like a mentor to them too. It’s all a mutual respect thing. That’s one thing I could say about Eminem. He has mad, mad respect from all of the legends in the rap game but he’s a legend himself. For real.

Watch the video below:

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