Hey Guys, We’ve received a package with the UK version of the brand new Revival. Let’s see what’s inside.

The preorder was placed immediately after the official opening on the 8th of Sepmtember on Amazon UK. One CD was priced at 9.16 pounds, the delivery was 5.07 pounds. The delivery time was very long and the package arrived only on January 26.

The CD wasn’t easy to get to. There was no peel so you can quickly get rid of the wrapping. The case has the standard Jewel box form factor, the plastic is of high quality. This time Eminem and Shady sticked to a minimalistic approach as opposed to the last release of MMLP2.

The Booklet also looks fine, although it is a little thinner this time around, The design was done by Mike Saputo and the concept came from Marshall’s idea.

We haven’t received other regional versions of the album yet so we have nothing to compare to. Although we do know that the UK version has an Eminem label on the front, unlike the American version. We will be unpacking other CD versions as soon as we receive them and post the videos on our channel, so don’t forget to subscribe if you still haven’t done so and follow us on our social media. Look for the links in the description.

Voice: MicTwista / ePro

Распаковка: Британская CD-версия альбома «Revival»

Распаковка: Британская CD-версия альбома «Revival»

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