The Good Doctor is going through a difficult time in his life. The support Dr. Dre gets from his friend is precious, and he shared one of the messages with his audience.

One of his most notable collaborators with whom Dr. Dre shares a long history of success, Snoop Dogg, sent Dre a video message to show his appreciation and inspire his friend to channel his pain into creativity. Snoop said:

Do what you do best. Take that hurt, that anger and that pain — and make magic. Make something beautiful out of it. That’s what you do. Ever since I was fucking with you, before I was fucking with you, you could always take the pain, anger, frustration — anything that was negative, and you could get something positive out of it. That’s why you’re the doctor. That’s why I’m working with you right now, or you are working with all of us. You are a leader. They say Snoop Dogg is an icon, he’s a God, he’s a king, but there’s one nigga here to honour, and that’s you. So you get your shit right and focus on being great. Take all that negative energy, all that shit that you’re dealing with — the death, the fucking lawsuits, all that shit—put it all in your mind and your spirit and make something magical. You got your soldiers with you. You got me, Em, Kendrick… We with you, cuz. Let’s go.

These words struck the chord, clearly, and Dr. Dre shared this video on his Instagram account with the caption:

Thank you to everyone for sending me so much positive energy. I’d like to share this inspirational message from my brother @snoopdogg.