Marshall is stepping into a whole new role – executive producer for a documentary. Eminem is teaming up with LeBron James to bring you “How Music Got Free”, a two-part series premiering on Paramount+ on June 11th.

“How Music Got Free” dives deep into the fascinating world of file sharing in the late 90s and early 2000s. This documentary explores how Napster and LimeWire, combined with a hungry music fanbase, disrupted the music industry. It’s a story of innovation, rebellion, and even an “outright theft” (as the synopsis puts it).

Who better to narrate this story than Eminem, a figure who emerged during the era when music distribution was undergoing a revolution? Not only is he a producer behind the scenes, but he also takes a seat in front of the camera, telling his side of the story. Some of his lines from the show’s trailer provide a glimpse into his unique perspective:

When Napster first came about, I didn’t understand the Internet yet. I thought Yahoo was a person.

All that work: writing it, recording it, tweaking it. Now, these songs leak.

This is what you don’t understand if music should be free. I have an entire army of people that need their paychecks.

The documentary, directed by Alexandria Stapleton, features interviews with legends of the music industry. From Eminem himself and his Shady Records partner Paul Rosenberg to 50 Cent, Timbaland, Jimmy Iovine, and more, “How Music Got Free” promises a comprehensive and entertaining look at this pivotal moment in music history.

The story goes beyond the fight between artists and pirates; it explores the rise of a new generation that redefined how music was accessed and consumed. Director Stapleton offers a compelling angle – portraying these young file sharers not as villains but as tech-savvy innovators.

So, whether you were there for the Napster wars or are just curious about this wild chapter in music history, “How Music Got Free” is a must-see. Head over to Paramount+ on June 11th and get ready for a wild ride through the digital revolution that changed music forever.

Watch the video below:

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