Telegraph says about Eminem’s album “Music To Be Murdered By”: “so lethally brilliant it should be a crime”

This week Eminem competed in a very difficult race – the race for first place in the British chart: the album “Music To Be Murdered By” was opposed by the new album “More. Again. Forever.” by the British rock band Courteeners. The results were hard to predict, but…

… Congratulations to Eminem, who has made it to the top of the official UK charts both with his new album “Music To Be Murdered By” and with his single “Godzilla” (ft. Juice Wrld).

36000 copies of “Music To Be Murdered By” were sold. This means that Eminem is breaking his own record as the only performer in the long history of the British charts to have made ten consecutive records debut as number 1 on the album chart. No other artist has been able to release so many successful albums in a row.

Another first place – on the single chart – brought Eminem his single “Godzilla”, which was the first work that featured rapper Juice Wrld who left us last year.

Let’s Refresh the full Eminem’ UK Charts Story

Ten of his albums debuted at number one, 11 albums hit the charts TOP-10, TOP-40 and TOP-75. In total, Eminem’s albums kept on top of the album chart in Britain for (!) 30 weeks, on TOP-10 – 120 weeks, on TOP-40 – 410 weeks, and on TOP-75 – 773 weeks.

Eminem’s nine singles peaked the top of the singles chart: 32 times the TOP-10, 44 – TOP-40, and 57 – TOP-75. Eminem’s singles in total was on top of the singles chart for 9 weeks, on TOP-10 – 139 weeks, on TOP-40 – 330 weeks, and on TOP-75 – 534 weeks

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