Eminem accepts the Best Video of the Year award at the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards

By the count of all music awards received, Eminem is the only rapper who made it to Top 10 most celebrated musicians of all genres.

Michael Jackson sits on top with 834 awards, leaving a wide gap to breach for Beyoncé who is the second with 691 awards.

The methodology of this chart is not entirely clear and it does not indicate what awards are included, but from occasional updates on the artist’s record, we can learn that this Twitter handle keeps an eye on the worldwide scene and includes not only some obvious Grammy or MTV awards but also some obscure accolades like, for instance, Douban Abilu Music Awards – the list of the most popular artists on the Chinese music fans’ social network of choice.

However it works, the rules here are the same for everyone and Eminem is the only hip hop artist who has gained enough recognition to become the sixth most decorated musician of all time.

The most decorated artist of all time (TOP 10)

1. Michael Jackson (834)
2. Beyoncé (691)
3. Whitney Houston (657)
4. Lady Gaga (479)
5. Taylor Swift (419)
6. Eminem (393)
7. Rihanna (362)
8. Janet Jackson (358)
9. Madonna (340)
10. Mariah Carey (340)