Another track from “King Mathers” era has appeared online.

A short verse from 2007-2008 during Eminem’s hiatus. Here he reminisces on the Hip-Hop Shop in Detroit back before he was famous, when people use to only care about rhymes and funny lines. Even after getting famous with “My Name Is” Eminem thinks this was not the way his career was supposed to go, because at the time during his hiatus he was dealing with depression, addiction, and writers block. – Genius.

I still remember the Hip-Hop Shop days
All I ever wanted was to get props, not praise
A couple eyebrows, just to send shock-shockwaves
Through the underground, b-b-but but not like this
This is when the shit, g-g-g-got, got crazy
I was in the studio with the Doc, Doc Dre-zy
That’s all I remember ‘for the shit got, got hazy
Then we made a song called m-m-m-my name is
And it skipped right over hip-hop, into hip-hop stations
Top 40 on radio, the kid got famous
He made it, but this was j-j-just not the way this
Was supposed to go, I’m afraid to say this but…

Listen to “Hip-Hop” below:

Joyner Lucas – What If I Was Gay (ft. Eminem) from r/Eminem

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