Filipino artist Ez Mil has drawn public attention with his rapping technic, outstanding lyrical ability, and rare musicality. Now, both Eminem and Dr. Dre signed him to their labels. But Ez Mil related to Em way earlier.

Five months ago, on The Full Convo with DJ E-Rock, Ez Mil answered the question about five people with whom he would like to work. Marshall’s name came first and the entire list looked like this:

Eminem. Kendrick Lamar. A$AP Rocky, Hopsin, Tech N9ne.

Not a usual list for a young rapper who started his career from making metal rock music. But also the one that makes sense in terms of his originality and unconvential approach to hip hop.

Yet, all of them are important to Ez Mil personally, they saved his life and they changed his life, the artist says. Listening to Eminem and Kendrick Lamar has changed his perspective on life in general and on life in America specifically. Bit how did he react to listening to Eminem for the first time?

Not understanding a lot of the things he was saying it was more of how he did his cadence, how he switches the flow from time to time. That’s inspired me in terms of flow. I didn’t know the shit he was saying. Some things in terms of relatability, like his songs that are on a surface level. When it comes to the deeper stuff — that’s where he goes crazy. And that’s how I related to his situation.

Did Ez Mil know at that time that Eminem was about to change his life once again by signing him and introducing his music to Dr. Dre, who might do for him the same thing he did for Kendrick Lamar?

Watch the video below:

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