Did you catch Stephen Colbert’s latest Late Show episode? The late-night host paid homage to Slim Shady in a hilarious segment promoting Eminem’s upcoming album, “The Death Of Slim Shady (Coup De Grâce)”.

A self-proclaimed “hip hop” enthusiast, Colbert kicked things off by expressing his “devastation” over Slim Shady’s fake obituary. He threw some playful shade at the media for falling for the stunt (“no major media figures would be dumb enough to fall for this”) while promoting Eminem’s upcoming album and making well-informed jokes about Dr. Dre:

Everybody who knows me knows I’m big into hip hop. The rippetty-raps, as we call it. That’s why I was personally devastated to learn that an obituary has appeared in the Detroit Free Press for Eminem’s fictional alter ego, Slim Shady. If only the authorities had thought to contact his doctor, but sadly, they forgot about Dre. The heartless buzzers of the media industry out there claim that Eminem is just running a fake obituary to promote his upcoming album album “The Death Of Slim Shady (Coup De Grâce)”. ‘Minem, as he repeatedly asked me not to call him, is a true artist. He would never stoop to emotionally manipulating his fans for a few streams. Plus, no major media figures would be dumb enough to fall for this obit and promote “The Death Of Slim Shady (Coup De Grâce)”, available later this summer.

Towering over a neon-lit album title on the screen, Colbert was expressively mouthing, “Eminem, come to the show. Call me, come to the show”. Then he returned to narrating the piece and sliding into rapping “The sReal Slim Shady”.

The host also made a clear callback to his 2015 interview with Eminem, a legendary moment when Colbert hilariously feigned ignorance about the rap icon.

For those who missed it, Colbert’s 2015 interview with Eminem (introduced as Marshall Mathers) is comedy gold. He pretends not to know who Em is, and throws out questions about “singing rappers” and “backup plans” in case his career stalls, all while playfully poking fun at Shady’s signature hoodie.

Will Eminem take Colbert up on his offer and step onto the Late Show stage? Do you think there is a chance? After all, we saw Marshall on the Jimmy Kimmel show earlier this year, so everything is possible.

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